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EIC Project Detector - Cherenkov Particle Identification Working Group

Conveners: Xiaochun He, Tom Hemmick, Grzegorz Kalicy, Roberto Preghenella

Regular meeting: on Friday at 08:30 (EDT) [to be updated]

Mailing list: eic-projdet-cpid-l [at]

In this wiki page, we document the technical details of RICH-based PID detectors for ePIC experiment.

  • barrel: compact high-performance DIRC: π/K separation up to ~6-7 GeV/c
  • h-endcap: dRICH with two radiators (gas + aerogel): π/K separation up to ~50 GeV/c
  • e-endcap: compact aerogel mRICH: π/K separation up to ~9 GeV/c

Left: 3D model of the EPIC detector with the PID systems indicated. Right: Expected 3 s.d. π/K separation coverage for the ECCE PID systems as a function of the particle momentum and pseudo-rapidity. Full coverage is achieved making use of the veto mode of the Cherenkov detectors that complement PID in the low momentum region

Figure above shows the four PID technologies in a 3D model of the EPIC detector and their coverage 88 as a function of momenta and pseudo-rapidity for a sample of physics event.

Drawing of the EPIC Cherenkov based PID systems with the main dimensions and locations.
EPIC magnetic field map with the PID detector envelopes overlaid.
Summary of the PID performance of the EPIC Cherenkov systems (momentum coverage in GeV/c

Sub-systems Details

dRICH info

hpDIRC info

mRICH info

pfRICH info