This Page will contain all the information about the Global Design & Integration of the EIC Project Detector

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Reference material

EPIC Detector Coordinate System definition

For EIC the hadron beam is going counter clockwise and the lepton beam clockwise. The hadron beam defines the positive z axis and x points to the ring inside as would be correct for a right handed coordinate system.

  • y-axis pointing to the sky
  • x-axis pointing to the ring inside
  • z-axis pointing along the ring in the direction of the hadron beam
  • The origin (0,0,0) of this coordinate system is at EIC IP-6.
  • The IP is in the EIC detector coordinate system at x=0, y=0, and z=0
  • The RHIC IP is in the EIC detector coordinate system at x= -80.9883cm, y=0, z= +13.77mm

More detailed information and drawing please refer to


Detector Layout

If you go to the following page you get the sketchup Information for EIC Project Detector, see section labeled "Current Release" A summary of all the current sub detector envelops can be found geometry database here. Please always use the link with the most recent date.

Experimental Solenoid (link)