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Interim Publication Policy

  • This interim policy will be in effect until the official formation of the ePIC collaboration and the development of a new policy, talks committee, etc.
  • The WG conveners are responsible for the approval of results for public presentation outside of EPIC WG meetings (talks, conferences, etc.)
  • For purposes of this policy, “results” are represented by specific plots – approving a result means approving a specific plot. If old results are re-plotted with additional information (like adding new data or additional curves to the plot) this will require re-approval by the WG conveners.
    • Approved plots should be stored on the EPCI Wiki, including the following:
    • At least a high-resolution PDF of the plot, potentially along with other file formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.)
    • The plot should include the EPIC Logo (when available) and the words “EPIC Preliminary”
    • Each plot should include a description that includes the following:
      • The name of the person who produced the plot, along with the date
      • A description of what is in the plot, including the quantities on each axis, as well as the provenance of the data (simulation campaign, or tag, etc.)
  • Ideally, newly approved plots should be highlighted in status reports at General Meetings so the full collaboration is aware of their existence.
  • Talks that are specific to a WG’s purview should be circulated on the WG mailing list at least a week before the conference or workshop to allow review. Ideally, either a practice-run or walk-through of the talk should be schedule for a WG meeting prior to the conference or workshop.
  • Global talks (on the EPIC detector/physics as a whole, for example) should be circulated to the collaboration mailing list at least a week before the conference or workshop to allow review. When necessary the SC may schedule practice talk/dry-run.