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This page contains information coming from the project

The Experimental Equipment of the EIC Project is organized as follows

WBS 6.10 EIC Detector
WBS-Item: WBS 6.10.01 Detector Management WBS 6.10.02 Detect. R&D & Physics Design WBS 6.10.03 Tracking WBS 6.10.04 Particle Identification WBS 6.10.05 Electromagnetic Calorimetry WBS 6.10.06 Hadronic Calorimetry WBS 6.10.07 Magnets WBS 6.10.08 Electronics WBS 6.10.09 DAQ/Computing WBS 6.10.10 Detector Infrastructure WBS 6.10.11 Integration & Auxiliary Detectors WBS 6.10.12 Detector Pre-Ops & Commissioning WBS 6.10.13 Detector #2 Development WBS 6.10.14 Polarimetry and Luminosity
CAMs: Rolf Ent (JLab) & Elke-Caroline Aschenauer (BNL) Thomas Ullrich (BNL) & Rolf Ent (JLab) Brian Eng (JLab) Beni Zihlmann (JLab) Alexander Bazilevsky (BNL) Alexander Kiselev (BNL) Renuka Rajput-Ghoshal (JLab) Fernando Barbosa (JLab) David Abbott (JLab) & Jeff Landgraf (BNL) Rahul Sharma (BNL) Yulia Furletova (JLab) E.C. Aschenauer (BNL) E.C. Aschenauer (BNL) & Rolf Ent (JLab) Oleg Eyser (BNL)

WBS == Work Breakdown Structure
CAM == Control Account Manager


  • Form to collect Services from main detector subsystems excel
  • Form to collect Services from ancillary detectors along the hadron and electron beam line excel

B0 - Information