AMY comparison with Bethe-Heitler


The Bethe-Heitler approximation means neglecting destructive interference between successive scattering events. In the AMY approach these interference effects are taken into account; note however that the AMY approach in its current incarnation does not take into account interference between radiation associated with medium scattering and vacuum (fragmentation) radiation. This is one of the main concerns with the approach.

Here are repeats of the plots for final state quark and gluon energy for different thicknesses and temperatures of medium, comparing inelastic-only, LPM inclusive energy loss with inelastic-only energy loss making the Bethe-Heitler approximation.

2 Fermi material, T=200 MeV:
2 Fermi material, T=300 MeV:
5 Fermi material, T=200 MeV:
5 Fermi material, T=300 MeV:

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