(2+1)-dimensional ideal and viscous fluid dynamics (VISH2+1, Moreland, Song et al.)

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The links below lead to output files from Huichao Song's VISH2+1 code (arXiv:0709.0742, arXiv:0712.3715, and arXiv:0805.1756) for 200 A GeV Au+Au collisions with equation of state SM-EOSQ and CGC initial conditions from the fKLN model by Drescher et al.

Impact parameter b=2.4 fm, ideal hydro

Impact parameter b=7.5 fm, ideal hydro

Impact parameter b=2.4 fm, viscous hydro with eta/s=0.08

Impact parameter b=7.5 fm, viscous hydro with eta/s=0.08

The files HydroEvol.dat contain the following:

The numbers in each line are

x (fm), y (fm), tau(fm/c), energy density(fm^{-4}), temperature(fm^{-1}), v_x, v_y

[We apologize for the unphysical units for energy density and temperature -- this was done in a rush. To get them in physical units, multiply both columns with hbarc=0.19733.]

The spacial grid step is dx = dy = 0.50 fm; the time step size is dt = 0.20fm/c.

The total grid is -11.0 fm <= x,y <= +11.0 fm

Initial time is 0.6 fm/c.

The last time step recorded is when the last fluid cell decouples (freezes out). Freeze-out temperature is 130 MeV. Equation of state is SM-EOS Q.

The files surface.dat contain the freeze-out surface information as it is written in AZHYDRO.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email Scott Moreland at morelandjs@gmail.com

(Posted by U. Heinz, 27 April 2010.)