(3+1)-dimensional ideal fluid dynamics (Hirano et al.)

Tetsufumi Hirano, 06/26/2008

The package PAREVO interpolates outputs (in special format) from (3+1)-dimensional ideal fluid simulations [1], [2] and returns local thermodynamic quantities (e.g., energy density and temperature) and flow velocities at any space-time points above the decoupling temperature .

Currently, only results in several specific centralities in Au+Au collisions at are available. For initial conditions, we employ the Glauber type transverse profile and the so-called "BGK" type longitudinal profile for entropy density distributions. For details on initial conditions, see the following papers [3], [4].

This package helps ones to quantitatively estimate parton energy loss, heavy quark diffusion, J/psi suppression etc. on the hydrodynamic background. For an example of an analysis of J/psi suppression using this package, see Ref. [5].

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