Brick comparison of ASW-BDMPS, ASW-SH and WHDG

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We prepared a note in which we compare different energy loss models. The note can be found here Brickwogeonote.pdf. The following three energy loss models are treated:

- Salgado-Wiedemann multiple soft scattering (ASW-BDMPS)

- Salgado-Wiedemann Opacity Expansion (ASH-SH): L/ is calculated from the temperature T of the brick.

- Wicks-Horowitz-Djordjevic-Gyulassy Opacity Expansion (WHDG)

A comon scale T is used to calculate the input variables of the different models. The first figure shows R8 as function of temperature for a brick with L = 5 fm. A R8 value of 0.2 is reached at T=260 MeV for WHDG with the single gluon energy cut-off of 100 GeV, at T=290 MeV for WHDG with a cut-off on the single gluon energy of 10 GeV and T=500 MeV for BDMPS.

R8vsT static.png

The figure below shows brick contours corresponding to different suppression factors as function of L and . A relatively small difference in L results in a very large difference in for a fixed value of R8.

Leffvsqhat brick.png