Bulk Evolution

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Working Group Structure

The Bulk Evolution Working Group has three components:

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Post-Hydrodynamics
  • Initial Conditions

Pre-TECHQM Workshops

Aspects of hydrodynamic modeling related to collective flow in partonic matter, initial conditions, collective effects in hadronic matter have been disucussed during the following workshops at BNL:

Hydrodynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions and QCD Equation of State

Understanding QGP through Spectral Functions and Euclidean Correlators

Workshop on Viscous Hydrodynamics and Transport Models in Heavy Ion Collisions

Summary of BNL Workshops


A list of short-term (6-12 month) projects discussed at the BNL meeting, May 6-7, 2008) is posted here.

Click here for a proposal for a possible path towards extracting QGP viscosities from experimental data.

Pre-equilibrium dynamics

Initial profiles for testing purposes

Code verification for ideal hydrodynamic codes

Code verification for viscous hydrodynamic codes

Comparison of parton cascade models with viscous hydrodynamics

Interface between models for early dynamics and viscous hydrodynamics

Interfacing jet quenching and hydrodynamic evolution

Hydrodynamic output from various (ideal and viscous) hydro codes

Additional pages pointing to other work done on the work plan adopted at the first TECHQM Workshop will soon appear here.

Useful (non-TECHQM) results

QCD Equation of State

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