Causal viscous hydrodynamics -- the different 2nd order formalisms

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Israel-Stewart (I-S) Formalism[1,2,3]:

(used by codes from Song&Heinz (VISH2+1,OSU)[4,5], Romatsche&Romatschke (INT)[6], Huovinen&Molnar(Purdue)[7], Chaudhuri(Calcutta)[8])

* Simplified I-S formalism: (used by code from Song&Heinz[4] (VISH2+1,OSU))

  • (1) (--simplified I-S eqn )

* Full I-S formalism from conformal symmetry constraint: (used by code from Romatsche&Romatschke[6](INT))

  • (2) (--full I-S eqn-R&R)

* Full I-S formalism from 2nd law of thermodyamics: (used by code from Song&Heinz[5](VISH2+1,OSU))

  • (3) (--full I-S eqn-S&H)

Ottinger-Grmela (O-G) Formalism[9]:

(used by code from Dusling&Teaney(SUNY)[10])

In this pdf document we compare the equations for the OG and IS formalisms.

In summary the OG formalism yields:


For a conformal fluid one should choose

to do list:

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