Freeze-out surfaces

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Huichao Song, 05/17/2008

Freeze-out surface (T_dec = 130 MeV) for ideal and viscous hydro (HS+UH, VISH2+1 with full I-S eqns.):

The figure above was updated on 08/04/2008 by H.S. to include an comparison between different full I-S eqn:

  • full I-S eqn-(R&R):
  • full I-S eqn-(S&H):

The figure above was updated on 7/23/2008 by H.S. to include an ideal hydro curve (light blue) from AZHYDRO which differs from VISH2+1 by an additional time splitting step in the transport algorithm (which should make it more accurate).

Other formats and data tables for this figure can be downloaded here: Au-global-0508.tar

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