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This is a password-protected page for internal notes on TECHQM related research. These notes are intended for internal TECHQM use only.

  1. TECHQM physics note #1, B.A. Cole, W.A. Horowitz, "Understanding Comparisons between WHDG and ASW Single-Hard Quenching Weights" [1]]
  2. Comment by Armesto, Salgado and Wiedemann on the note by Cole and Horowitz.
  3. Suggestion by M. van Leeuwen: it would be interesting to perform a similar study for T=250 MeV. BrickCompare#Gluon spectra
  4. W. A. Horowitz, Derivation of the 2x(1-x)E kinematic limit, v.3 (For posterity: v.2a, v.2, and v.1); Apples to apples comparison of "ASW" and "GLV"
  5. U. Heinz, Notes on differences between definition of kinematic variables by WHDG and ASW and plot of the energy fraction (ASW) vs. the light cone energy fraction (WHDG) at the WHDG kinematic boundary (courtesy Will Horowitz) [the blue line shows while the purple diagonal guides the eye].
  6. U. Wiedemann, Comments on kinematics
  7. A. Majumder, note on AMY-HT possible comparison, Media:AMY_HT.pdf
  8. C. A. Salgado: small note on kinematics and the change x_E <-> x_+[[2]]
  9. X.-N. Wang: Comparing HT and GLV (from EVO meeting 13 Jan 2010)