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The ATHENA logo was adapted after a competition within the collaboration that started with the call for logo proposals in May 2021. The collaboration wide election of the best design took place in June 2021 with the current design emerging as the clear winner after two rounds. The winning design was by Sean Preins from UC Riverside. The design was then streamlined and transformed into a vector graphics by the BNL graphic department. The font used is 'Mrs Eaves OT Roman'. The logo was released July 30, 2021 and is the official ATHEN logo version.

Available formats

The logo is available as pixel graphics in PNG format and as vector graphics in PDF format. The pixel format (*.png) files are smaller but the vector versions can be scaled to any size with out loss of resolution. Here we provide full color, greyscale, and B&W versions with and without the ATHENA name under the logo.

The center of the logo features the EIC logo, which consist of the rounded "E", the larger "I" represented as an arrow (spin axis) and the "C" flipped around its vertical axis. This is overlaid on a schematic cross-section through a detector, indicated by 3 colored rings reflecting the various shells of a detector. Four curved tracks are emerging from the center to the right. The box on the bottom reflects the IP6 location and the laurel wreath is of course the reference to Athena's leaf crown. Note also that the arrow that forms the vertical axis of the logo is not only representing the "I" of EIC but also Athena's spear with which she is mostly portrait since she is, among many things, the Greek goddess of war. Athena Logo fullcolor.pdf