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1st Monday in the month at 2 pm


  • The supporting material for the costing of the detector can be found here
  • This document describes the schedule constrain for installing the detector and such has impact on the production schedule

Experimental Equipment

Interaction Region


Detector Layout

If you go to the following page you get all the sketchup Information for Athena. Under Advance Release - Baseline Dimensions for Proto Collaborations you find a pdf, which has all the baseline info for both integration models. One with the DIRC readout towards the hadron endcap (Sketchup) and one with the alternative integration with the DIRC readout at the electron endcap (Sketchup). Looking to the facility layout one can obtain the outer bounderies for the detector

  • Maximum outer radius: 3.2 m to avoid interference with the RCS
  • Maximum inner radius: 1.6 m
  • total length of the detector: 9.5 m with 5m in the outgoing hadron direction and 4.5 m in the outgoing lepton direction

Backgrounds and Radiation

  • Neutron fluence This fluxes correspond to a ep luminosity of 45 nb. If one wants to see the neutron rate for an integrated lumi of 1 fb^-1 one needs to multiply by 22222