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Welcome to the Wiki page of the Detector Concept/Integration Committee.


Members of the Committee are:

  • Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN Trieste, Italy): (contact person)
  • Alexander Kiselev (BNL, USA):
  • Franck Sabatie (Saclay, France):
  • Bedangadas Mohanty (NISER, India):
  • Thomas Ullrich (BNL, USA):

Project Contact / Liaison: Elke Aschenauer (BNL):

Current Configurations

Explanation of configuration labels can be found here. The names associated with the exact labels are simply common short names to describe the configuration combination.

Important Information from the Project

Many important pieces of information concerning beams, IR, magnet, and engineering are provided by the project and available on the Project pages.

Subsystem Spec Sheets (DWG)

  • TBD

Validation Results (PWG)