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ATHENA Jets, Heavy Flavor, Electroweak, and Beyond-the-Standard Model Working Group

Co-Conveners: Miguel Arratia (UC Riverside), Brian Page (BNL), Stephen Sekula (SMU), and Ernst Sichtermann (LBNL)

The Jets, HF, EW, and BSM Group is investigating a number of channels and signatures that should benefit from the proposed design configuration(s) of the ATHENA detector. Below, we outline the various physics areas that might be of value to the detector proposal. Below that we provide information about different specific signatures/efforts within the group.

Physics Measurements and Impacts

Jets, HF, EW, BSM Golden Channels
Area Impacts Observables
Heavy Flavor F2C
ALL Heavy Quark
Charm meson and charm jet ReA
Lepton and di-jet correlations quark-Sivers and gluon-Sivers [DIS]
low-x, Wigner function [diffractive DIS]
DeltaG, photon structure [photo-production, DIS]
Jet substructure and event-shapes Hadron-in-jet Collins [DIS]
Hadronization studies with angularities, correlations [(n)DIS]
Electroweak BSM EW stucture functions [CC DIS]

Current Physics Results

Charm-Jet Tagging

Results in this effort (to identify and categorize jets based on track and/or neutral information in the jet) are presently available from fast simulation (Delphes) informed in part by full simulation (DD4HEP). A note documenting work conducted during Summer 2021 is available below.