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Please note that the material on the sidebar is not part of the Supplemental Material.
This is not a static page but is updated frequently to provide more detailed information than was possible in the ATHENA proposal.

Introduction to ATHENA

Detector Overview

The ATHENA Detector

Design Considerations

Magnet Design

Vertex and Tracking System


Particle Identification

Far-Forward Detectors

Luminosity Measurement and Low-Q2 Tagging

DAQ and readout electronics

Software and Computing

Integration and Installation

R&D Needs

Upgrade Path

EIC Science with ATHENA

Acceptance and Performance

Origin of Spin and 3-D Nucleon Imaging

Origin of Mass

Gluons in Nucleons and Nuclei

Other Physics Topics



Governance and Charter

Collaboration Roster

Institutional Sub-system Interests

Cost and Schedule

Timescale and Schedule


Additional Information

Beam Effects and Backgrounds

Plots and Videos