John Michalakes (NCAR) WRF Tutorial

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WRF Tutorial
John Michalakes (NCAR), the lead architect of WRF, visited SBU & BNL on 24 April 2008 and gave a short WRF tutorial. The overview is composed of two parts: an overview of the WRF modeling system, and WRF software. The two parts are available below:

Part 1: WRF Modeling System, Short tutorial (ppt) (Click Here)
Part 2: WRF Software (ppt) (Click Here)

WRF Tutorial Video
Thanks to the efforts by Jim (Xiangmin Jiao), of the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department, the tutorial session is available from the AMS Videos archive ( in two parts:

4/24/2008 Part 1: WRF Modeling System, Short tutorial (Click Here)
4/24/2008 Part 2: WRF Software (Click Here)

The videos are produced in Windows Media (MWM) formats, which can be viewed using MS Windows Media Player on Windows machines, or VLC media player ( on Linux or Mac.

Further Information
For more information on running WRF and running it on NY Blue, Click Here. Topics include:

Sample NY Blue WRF Batch Job
Post Processing & Graphics Software