December 2011

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Final report of the Committee

The meetings will be on EVO.
Title EIC Advisory Committee Meeting
Meeting URL
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To dial in via phone:
USA (BNL, Upton, NY) +1 631 344 6100

Phone Bridge ID: 443 1291

Agenda: EIC Generic Detector R&D Advisory Committee

Monday, December 12th
08:00 Committee: cont. breakfast and setup (Bldng. 510 Rm 2-160)
8:30 Committee: Executive Session (Bldng. 510 Rm 2-160)
9:00 Adjourn to public presentations
Bldng. 555 Hamilton Room
Title Speaker Slides
09:15 Welcome and overview T. Ludlam (BNL) (20+5) ppt
09:45 DIRC-based PID for the EIC Central Detector P. Nadel-Turonski (JLab) (30+5) pdf
10:20 Endcap TOF and TRD for identifying electrons at EIC Zh. Xu (BNL) (25+5) pptx
10:50 Coffee Break
11:05 Physics simulations to establish and refine detector requirements and design for the EIC T. Ullrich (BNL) (20+5) pdf
11:30 Crystal R&D proposal for a forward calorimeter at EIC; Status of W powder calorimeter R&D H. Huang (UCLA) (30+10) pdf
12:10 Lunch Break (Committee working lunch in Room 2-160)
01:30 LOI for detector R&D towards an EIC detector Th. Hemmick (Stonybrook) (30+5) pptx
02:05 Improved energy loss calculations for GEANT4 simultations H. Bichsel (U. of Washington) (20+5) pdf
02:30 Design and assembly of fast and lightweight barrel and forward tracking prototype for an EIC B. Surrow (MIT) (25+5) pdf
03:00 Coffee Break
03:15 Development of a spin light polarimeter for the EIC D. Dutta (Mississippi State) (25+5) pdf
03:45 Proposal for very forward tracking in STAR D. Underwood (Argonne) (25+5) pdf
04:15 Adjourn to Executive Session!
04:30 Committee: Executive Session ( Bldng. 510 Rm 2-160)
19:00 Committee + BNL & JLab management + DOE/NSF observers: Dinner

Tuesday, December 13th
Bldng. 510 Rm 2-160
08:00 Committee: cont. breakfast and setup
8:30 Responses by proponents to overnight questions if any
9:30 Committee Discussion of Report
12:30 Public Close-out
13:00 Meeting Adjourned