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Talks display:

Each seminar room will be equipped with a projector connected to a laptop running Windows, a laser pointer, a clicker/presenter, a thumb drive and a timer. Transparencies should not be used.

Talk format:

The highly preferred format for talks at DIS 2011 is PDF. You should make sure that all required non-standard fonts used in your presentation are embedded in your PDF file. PPT and PPTX are also okay as the conference computers are windows based. Keynote is not an option.

Speaker Prep Room

Blue Point III
Monday - Friday 8-5pm
A PC will be available for use by the speakers

Uploading talks:

Have your talk available on a memory stick

Preferred Method

Talks should be uploaded to the conference wiki system using the login and password given by the conference organizers and conveners. Please follow the below described steps to upload your talk and link it to the appropriate agenda wiki page

AAA being either parallel or plenary for the session type
BBB representing the parallel session being

    • Structure Functions and Parton Densities --> SF-PD
    • Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons ---> SxDNVM
    • Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model --> EW-BSM
    • QCD and Hadronic Final States --> QCD-HFS
    • Heavy Flavours --->HF
    • Spin Physics ---> Spin
    • Future of DIS ---> FD

CCC being either talk or proc (for proceedings)

  • click on the edit icon above the agenda table for the day you give your talk
  • go to the line after your name and add after the ! the following comment to link your talk

[ [ Media:AAA.BBB.SpeakerName.Date.CCC.pdf | pdf ] ] for pdf-files
[ [ Media:AAA.BBB.SpeakerName.Date.CCC.ppt | ppt ] ] for ppt-files
please have no spaces in the command

  • click on the save page button
  • click on the pdf or ppt icon to test all worked fine
  • incase of a problem send a mail to elke at

Alternative Method

if you have problems with the uploading due to for example a super slow network follow the steps below.

[ pdf ] for pdf-files
"[ ppt ] for ppt-files
please don't have any spaces for the text between the [ ] and/or the path name

  • click on the save page button
  • click on the pdf or ppt icon to test all worked fine
  • incase of a problem send a mail to elke at

Please upload your talk well in advance of your session. For morning talks please upload the previous evening. For afternoon talks please upload before 12:00 p.m. on the same day. Prior to your session, you should also check with your session convener to make sure your file displays correctly.