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Final report of the Committee

New Proposals Submitted November 2011

1. Improved energy loss calculations for GEANT4 simulations
PI: H. Bichsel
Institute: Univ. Washington
Proposal pdf
2nd file to Proposal

2. Proposal for very forward tracking in STAR
PI: D. Underwood
Institute: Argonne Nat. Lab
Proposal pdf

3. Design and Assembly of fast and lightweight barrel and forward tracking prototype for an EIC
PI: B. Surrow, F. Sabatie
Institutes: CEA Saclay, MIT, Temple Univ.
Proposal pdf

4. Endcap TOF and TRD for identifying electrons at EIC
PI: Zh. Xu, Ming Shao
Institutes: BNL, Indiana Univ., Rice Univ. UT-Austin, USTC, VECC, Yale, MIT
Proposal pdf

5. Physics simulations to establish and refine detector requirements and detector design for the EIC
PI: T. Ullrich
Institute: BNL
Proposal pdf

6. Development of a Spin Light Polarimeter for the EIC
PI: D. Dutta
Institutes: Mississippi State, College of Wm. & Mary, Stony Brook, Mainz, UV-Charlottesville, Argonne Nat. Lab.
Proposal pdf

7. DIRC-based PID for the EIC Central Detector
PI: T. Horn, C. Hyde, P. Nadel-Turonski, J. Schwiening
Catholic University of America, Old Dominion University, Univ. of South Carolina, Jefferson Lab, GSI (Darmstadt)
Proposal pdf

8. Crystal R&D proposal for a forward calorimeter at EIC
PI: Y. Zhang
Institutes: USTC, UCLA
Proposal pdf

9. Letter of Intent for Detector R&D towards an EIC detector
PI: K. Dehmelt
Institutes: BNL, Florida Inst. Of Technology, Iowa State Univ., LBNL, MIT, Riken BNL Res. Cntr., Stony Brook Univ., Temle Univ., Univ. Virginia, Yale Univ.
Proposal pdf