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Wednesday 11th of May 2011
Title Speaker Slides Proceedings
09:00 - 10:25 Session Chair: Les Bland (BNL)
09:00 Welcome Larry McLerran (BNL)
09:15 Introduction: Collinear and TMD factorization for Drell-Yan production George Sterman (Stony Brook) pdf pdf
09:50 Low-x physics, saturation and forward Drell-Yan production Al Mueller (Columbia) pdf
10:25 - 10:55 Coffee Break
10:55 - 12:40 Session Chair: Hank Crawford (UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory)
10:55 Overview of SIDIS results Gunar Schnell (University of the Basque Country and IKERBASQUE) pdf pdf
11:30 Critique of TMD Phenomenology Mauro Anselmino (University of Torino) pdf pdf
12:05 Sivers effect: from SIDIS to pp Zhongbo Kang (BNL) pdf pdf
12:40 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:10 Session Chair: Les Bland (BNL)
14:00 Gluon densities and di-hadron correlations Bowen Xiao (Penn State University) pdf pdf
14:35 From DIS to Drell Yan Production through the Color Glass Jamal Jalilian-Marian (Baruch College) pdf pdf
15:10 - 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 - 17:25 Session Chair: Hank Crawford (UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory)
15:40 "What we can learn with Drell-Yan in proton(deuteron) nucleus collisions Feng Yuan (LBNL) ppt pdf
16:15 TMD Universality Piet Mulders (VU University Amsterdam) pdf, ppt pdf
16:50 Gauge Links and TMD Factorization Ted Rogers (VU University Amsterdam) pdf pdf
17:25 End of Session

Thursday 12th of May 2011
Title Speaker Slides Proceedings
09:00 - 10:45 Session Chair: Oleg Eyser (UC Riverside)
09:00 Drell-Yan Production at FNAL-E906 Paul Reimer (ANL) pdf pptx pdf pptx
09:35 Forthcoming Drell-Yan experiment at COMPASS Oleg Denisov (INFN - Turin) ppt pdf
10:10 Other physics opportunities in future Drell-Yan experiments Jen-Chieh Peng (UIUC) pdf pdf
10:45 - 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 - 13:00 Session Chair: Anselm Vossen (Indiana University)
11:15 Drell-Yan Production at STAR: Status and Plans Ernst Sichtermann (LBNL) pdf pdf
11:50 Drell-Yan Production at PHENIX: Status and Plans Ming Liu (LANL) pdf pdf
12:25 AnDY: Status and Plans Les Bland (BNL) ppt pdf
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:15 Session Chair: Oleg Eyser (UC Riverside)
14:30 RHIC: present status and plans Wolfram Fischer (BNL) pdf, pptx pdf
15:05 Theoretical perspectives on Drell-Yan production measurements Jian-Wei Qiu (BNL) pdf pdf1, pdf2
15:40 TMD fracture functions in SIDIS and DY Aram Kotzinian (Torino Uni&INFN and YerPhI) pdf pdf
16:15 - 16:35 Coffee Break
16:35 - 17:45 Session Chair: Anselm Vossen (Indiana University)
16:35 Discussion of Experimental Opportunities pdf
17:45 End of Session
18:30 Reception and Banquet at the Brookhaven Center

Friday 13th of May 2011
Title Speaker Slides Proceedings
09:00 - 10:45 Session Chair: Yuji Goto (RIKEN)
09:00 Generalized TMDs and Wigner distributions Andreas Metz (Temple University) pdf pdf
09:35 Orbital angular momentum Matthias Burkardt (New Mexico State University) pdf pdf
10:10 Probing multi-gluon correlations in pp collisions Yuji Koike (Niigata University) ppt pdf
10:45 - 11:05 Coffee Break
11:05 - 12:50 Session Chair: Elke-Caroline Aschenauer (BNL)
11:05 Gauge links and process dependence in hadronic reactions Leonard Gamberg (Penn State University) pdf pdf
11:40 Understanding forward particle production Roman Pasechnik (Uppsala University) pptx pdf
12:15 Forward Drell-Yan production Anna Stasto (Penn State/RBRC) pdf pdf
12:50 :14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:45 Session Chair: Yuji Goto (RIKEN)
14:00 Sivers function in SIDIS and pp Alexey Prokudin (JLab) pdf pdf
14:35 Transverse physics with e+e-, SIDIS and pp Alessandro Bacchetta (University of Pavia and INFN Pavia) pdf pdf
15:10 Photon Pair Production Marc Schlegel (University of Tuebingen) pdf pdf
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break
16:15 - 17:25 Session Chair: Elke-Caroline Aschenauer (BNL)
16:15 Low x physics: from RHIC to EIC Raju Venugopalan (BNL) pptx, pdf pdf
16:50 Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries for Drell-Yan production John Collins (Penn State University) pdf pdf
17:25 End of Workshop