May 2011

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Agenda:EIC Generic Detector R&D Advisory Committee

Final report of the Committee

Monday, May 9th
08:00 Committee: cont. breakfast and setup
8:30 Committee: Executive Session
9:00 Adjourn to public presentations
Title Speaker Slides
09:15 Welcome and overview T. Ludlam (BNL) ppt
09:30 EIC Science: e-A Collisions Thomas Ullrich (BNL) pdf
9:55 EIC Science: e-p Collisions Rolf Ent (JLab) pptx, pdf
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 ELIC/MELIC Accelerator Design Rolf Ent (JLab) pptx, pdf
11:05 eRHIC Accelerator Design Vladimir Litvinenko (BNL) pptx
11:25 Proposal 1: Development of a new detecctor technology for fiber sampling calorimeters for EIC and STAR O. Tsai (UCLA) pdf, pptx
12:00 Lunch Break
13:30 Proposal 2: Front end readout module for detector data acquisition and trigger system C. Cuevas (JLab) pdf
14:05 Proposal 3: DIRC-based PID for the EIC Central Detector P. Nadel-Turonski (JLab) pdf
14:40 Proposal 4: Liquid scintillator calorimetry for the Electron Ion Collider J. Frantz (Ohio University) pdf
15:15 Break
15:30 Proposal 5: Proposal to test improved radiation tolerant silicon photomultipliers C. Zorn (JLab) pdf, pptx
16:05 Proposal 6: Letter of Intent for Detector R&D towards an EIC detector T. Hemmick (Stony Brook) pptx
16:40 Adjourn to Executive Session
16:50 Committee: Executive Session
19:00 Committee + BNL & JLab management + DOE/NSF observers: Dinner (on-site at BNL)

Tuesday, May 10th
08:00 Committee: cont. breakfast and setup
8:30 Responses by proponents to overnight questions if any
9:30 Committee Discussion of Report
12:30 Public Close-out
13:00 Meeting Adjourned