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The BNL Cooperative Cluster (coop)


BNL's coop is documented here

Getting an account

To get an account on the coop is a two step process:

  1. Cutting BNL red tape
  2. Asking Brett ( for an account

General BNL requirements

To get any account at BNL you must satisfy some requirements:

  1. Get a BNL guest appointment. This can be either a full appointment if you wish to come on site, or a "remote user only" if you only need a remote account. Either case you must start by filling out the Guest Registration form at . If you will get a "remote user only" account there is a location to specify that and you may ignore any questions pertaining to coming on site. You will need to specify a BNL employee as your host. Choose the BNL Daya Bay collaborator of your choice.
  2. Take the online "cyber security" training
  3. Sign the fax/mail/email the "BNL Computer Use Agreement".

After you do this you will be eligible for general accounts provided by our info-tech department (ITD). However, you don't need them to access the coop cluster.

Request the coop account

After the above has been done, ask Brett ( for an account. Don't go to this step until your BNL requirements are satisfied as I will not be able to give you an account until after that.

In the email request you should include this information:

Accessing the coop

The coop cluster is behind the BNL firewall and not directly accessed. You will be given an account on the BNL Physics Dept "SSH gateway" which will act as your bridge through the firewall. This machine is "". You must log using the SSH2 private key which is the pair to the public one sent above.

Once on the gateway you can ssh to "", again using your SSH2 key pairs.