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This topic describes the use of CMTHOME and CMTUSERCONTEXT, two poorly documented environment variables honored by CMT.

Special Packages for Local Configuration

There are two special, optional packages that can be created in order to insert local configuration into any CMT setup. They are introduced to CMT through these two environment variables:

points to a directory holding a requirements file that will be loaded before all others. Use this to override any settings that may be provided by other requirements files.
points to a directory holding a requirements file that will be loaded after all others. Use this to provide defaults that may or may not be overridden by other requirements files.

Caution: for some quirky reason even if you do not use a CMTHOME package you must still define this environment variable and point it at a directory with a requirements file or CMTUSERCONTEXT will not be picked up!

Uses for CMTHOME

  • You want to set a default set of flags that are defined to influence parts of the setup.
  • You want to define a starting environment


  • Some CMT package is setting something wrong and you just want to force it to be what you want instead of finding the real fix.
  • Modify some existing setup without needing to actually modify the packages themselves
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