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This category is for organizing figures to help everyone in writing talks. To add a figure follow these steps.

Upload the image

Upload an image using Special:Upload which can also be found on the "toolbox" on the left side of each page (you must be logged in). Not all formats are allowed to be uploaded. Allowed formats include PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG. You may also encounter a warning if the file is large. Reduce the file size if warranted or ignore the warning.

Choose a File Format

Choosing a correct image format is important to preserve quality. Please follow these guidelines when deciding a format:

Digital Photography

Use JPEG (.jpg) format. Provide a small version that is useful for inline display as well as a full version (either uploaded or linked).


Use PDF or SVG format. SVG format allows the plot to be displayed inline in the wiki while PDF is best for including in talks and papers. In general, do not use bitmapped formats (eg PNG or GIF) for the high quality plot! However, a small thumbnail in PNG format can be used to provide inline display if you are unable to produce SVG.


Follow the same directions as for Plots above.

Describe the image

When uploading the image, or after it is uploaded, include a good description of the image:

  • Describe it so someone can understand enough to show it in a presentation.
  • Who was the original author and/or contributors
  • If it is a format that can be displayed inline, also include a link to any non-displaying formats that you may exist (such as the PDF copy).

Categorize the image

Place the image in a category, either "Figures" or a sub category of "Figures". Do so by adding the [[Category:Figures]] or [[Category:Figures/SUBCATEGORY]] towards the bottom of the description.

When you make a new category you should add a brief description. You should also add the parent category, again using a markup like [[Category:Figures]].

When you add [[Category:Figures]] to a new subcategory of "Figures", the subcategory will be added to the list below.

To reference a category add a ":" before the name like [[:Category:Figures]].

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