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Standard Slides

Concept and Purpose of standard slides

  • Slides should provide basic information about aspects of the experiment
  • Slides must be suitable for the public
    • Should have well-labeled figures and clear text
    • Should not have any undefined Daya Bay jargon
    • Should not refer to internal Daya Bay documents
  • The slides should anticipate questions to speakers
  • Each set of slides will be a separate docdb entry
  • A compressed file of all figures in each set of slides should be part of this docdb entry
  • Usage of 'Standard slides':
  1. Directly add some or all standard slides to public talk
  2. Educate collaborators about important aspects of the experiment. This could ease the process of theta13 paper writing, refereeing and editing.
  • The ACC and the Speaker's committee will check the slides.

Links to talks

Second oscillation analysis (24dec2011-11may2012)

First oscillation analysis (24dec2011-17feb2012)

List of standard slides with links to docdb

  1. Each bullet is a brief description of the slides with a docdb link and the person, persons or working group responsible for the slides
  2. Some possible questions for speakers on some topics are provided.
  3. Additional topics are welcome.

Slides relevant for first oscillation analysis only


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