Cluster Account Setup

This topic describes how to set up Daya Bay software on the various clusters collaboration clusters. See also Category:Clusters topic.

Per cluster setup

IHEP cluster

See the dbp:IHEPUserGuide topic.


See the dbp:PDSFUserGuide topic.

Running a tutorial example

The following will build the TESDemoData and TESDemo packages in the tutorial, you can easily modify this to execute your own codes.

 . /common/dayabay/global/NuWa/NuWa-1.6.0/
 cd <workarea>/tutorial/TESDemoData/cmt
 cmt config
 cd ../../TESDemo/cmt
 cmt config

Coop at BNL

Use of coop is deprecated in favor of working on the BNL RACF Cluster.

Pre-installed releases

The user "dayabay" has the most recent release of the offline software up and running for you! They are installed into


Replace RELEASE with your desired and available release. To set up your environment do the following:

cd ~dayabay/offline/NuWa-RELEASE/
source     # or setup.csh
cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt
source     # or setup.csh

You can now use this release or do further setup for your own packages. Go back to Getting Started to see how.


See BNL RACF Cluster.

Onsite Offline Cluster

See Onsite Cluster.

Generic "Legacy" Setup

In general a site's local setup is stored in the


file (see dbp:BuildSystem) and each site is recomended to commit their requirements file to that area under the name requirements.SITE_NAME.

See below for cluster-specific environment setup. Once that is done you can setup your environment for the specific top-level package you will want to run. This is independent of the specific cluster environment.

For example, to use the MC:

cd /path/to/your/code/G4dyb/cmt
cmt br cmt config
cmt br make
G4dybApp.exe somefile.mac

The cmt br cmt config and cmt br make are only needed in initial installation, or any time you update and rebuild the software.