Current Status Reports

Each week, please describe any news about your work that you would like to share. Add new updates to the top under the date for the current week before the Thursday/Friday US/CN offline meeting.



Setting up for Bryce's AV study on coop with 1.3.0, working on neutron capture validation, developing MDC09b unit tests


Back from (too) long vacation. Merged upgrade branches into trunks.


Working on SimSequencer & SimReadoutBufferSvc


  • Coordinated the release of 1.3.0 for MDC09a
  • Building and validating the upgraded trunk at PDSF
  • Setting up jobs for Bryce's AV sample
  • Coordinating database efforts for MDC09b



Running MDC09a on coop. Developing Algorithm to implement water absorption model.



Trying upgrade on my laptop mac os x 10.5.6


Lots of distractions concerning ELog, Task Control, Skype, Travel Calander, ... Communications tools are becoming increasingly urgent and critical as people travel onsite and more hardware arrives.

We are told that a single DSL is now onsite to the Control Room. We are awaiting authorization from the NPP before installing fiber for the OC1 and for the SAB/Control-room connection.

We have a new Web interface to the Ingest DB.

Next week will be an outage of the PDSF /project area.


Making progress on upgrade. Compiles on all platforms I have a available. Some RootIO tests pass but currently I am not installing G4 data files so G4 related tests fail. I'm struggling with a problem on Mac OS X, see Trac ticket #222. Some notes are being kept here: Software Upgrades.

I moved the 2008 reports to Status Reports, 2008.



Looks like no-one does these status reports any more (including me).

I've been working on the upgrade the past week or two. The externals and projects are upgraded in SVN. I have got things built on Linux + GCC 4.3 and am now testing a green field install. When this passes, next will be to build it on Mac.

Prior to that I have been working on a comprehensive radioactive decay package that is driven by NNDC data and will be integrated into GenTools. That was put on hold when the upgrade to the latest Debian brought in GCC 4.3 and the need to upgrade the software to support it.


Set up the LBNL ELog behind an Apache server so that it can be synchronized for SSH tunnels.

Fixed an infinite loop in ELog that was hanging it for some users.

Continued work on re-factoring the cataloging part of Ingest so make if DB neutral and also to allow warehouse policy to be defined separately.



  • Reworking project schedule for BCP03
  • Reprofiling HW purchases at LBNL and BNL to get more bang-for-the-buck
  • Long-term Operations planning
  • We have seen some Trans-pacific bandwidth problems which seem to have recovered.
  • We are are looking at options for web-cams in the EHs & project-level image library.


On vacation this past week, but lately I've been working on the GenDecay revamp of radioactive decay generators. I've recently found a package ( that directly parses ENSDF files from NNDC which should provide a better source than the slightly predigested ones from Geant4 that I was trying to use initially. It's taking longer than I wanted but I've found some features that the old generators do not cover, so it has been worth it.



  • Status and progress since last status (2008/12/04)
  • Collaboration Meeting at IHEP
  • Offline Tutorial at IHEP (2 days)
  • Offline Tutorial feedback survey at
  • Visit with Jason and Fazhi to CSTNet NOC - Network Operations Center - in Beijing
  • Beginning of work for BCP03 (Baseline Change Proposal) for Offline to rationalize schedule