Data Preservation

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Daya Bay data preservation


  • Should preserve
  1. raw data
  2. processed data
  3. MC data
  4. offline db
  5. svn repository
  6. trac
  7. offline mailing list archive
  8. documentation
    1. docdb
    2. wikis
  • questions
  1. can current per-week reactor info in offline db be made public?
  2. could more finely binned reactor info be available after 12-24 months since NPP reports to IAEA on this time scale?
  3. any reason to preserve DCS and/or DAQ db?

For each preserved item need to specify:

  • method of preservation
  • frequency of refreshing preserved archive with new material
  • method of dissemination (technical and political)
  • expected duration of preservation
  • responsible party