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See Diving into NuWa: Using the analysis software for the original presentation and Diving into NuWa (again) for a more up-to-date version.

Note that these were completed using NuWa trunk, revision 8520.

Positron Annihilation Example

To run the example, use:

nuwa.py -A none -n 100 -o positron_1MeV_center_n100.root DivingIn.PositronSim

Also refer to Trac ticket #487 concerning a readout tool error that was corrected in revision r8666.

Producing the Histograms

To produce the file of histograms, use:

nuwa.py -A none -n 100 DataQuality.AdPlotter positron_1MeV_center_n100.root

IBD Coincidence Events

To produce the root file to view the histograms, use:

nuwa.py -A none -n 1000 DataQuality.AdCoincidence /dyb/dybd01/dandwyer/mixedData_n1000.root
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