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Dayabay uses elog as its electronic logbooks. The purpose of this tool is to create an chronologically ordered record of actions and items within a particular area of the experiment. The best way to locate the logbook is via the http://dayabay.lbl.gov/elog URL which will redirect your browser to the logbooks current location (this is expected to change as installation progresses at the site itself).

Access to the Logbook

The logbooks require you to authenticate yourself. In order to be able to do this, the first time you access it you will be asked to accept a self-signed certificate from the logbook's server. This is only used to provide an encrypted connection so that passwords may be safely transfer to the server, and nothing else.

Once you've accepted the certificate you'll be presented with a login page. If this is your first time using the logbooks, then you'll need 'Register as a new user'. Once you have done this you will be logged in. Otherwise, if you have used the logbooks before, then just enter your username and password to be logged in.

Available Logbooks

The currently available logbooks are:

- Antineutrino_Detectors

- Mock Data Challenge

If you want a new logbook created, please contact to Core Software group.

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