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Dry Run

You can convert from board + connector numbers to a single 0-based global "channel" number with this bit of Python

first_board = 5
first_connector = 1
connectors_per_board = 16
def channel(board,connector):
    'Turn board + connector numbers into a monotonic channel number'
    return (board-first_board)*connectors_per_board + connector - first_connector

Note: (1) FEE board number in DAQ means the slot number which this board insert in VME crate, it is a physics address;

(2) for the cable map in detail, please refer to http://dayabay.ihep.ac.cn/tracs/dybsvn/browser/dybgaudi/trunk/DataModel/DataSvc/share/DryRun/feeCableMap_DryRun.txt

(3) raw map for FEE ==> decoupler box (HV channel) ==> PMT position, please refer to http://dayabay.ihep.ac.cn:8099/Commissioning/117

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