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FAQ regarding our build system including SVN, CMT and dybinst.

What's the point of having both Tracs and WebSVN to see our SVN repositories?

They have different features and problems. Use which one you like best.

What is the purpose of the DybPolicy packages included in our Daya Bay code?

They modify the CMT build "rules" to match Daya Bay specific needs.

I see the term “LCG interfaces,” a lot, but I've never been fully clear on exactly what defines an LCG interface.

LCG Interfaces are CMT "glue" packages. They tell CMT where a certain external package is installed and how other packages can compile and link against it. They live under:


Is CMTPROJECTPATH just a pointer to a NuWa release?

No. You should not assume it holds a single directory. In general it is a ":"-separated PATH.

CMTPROJECTPATH is an environment variable that tells CMT where to find projects. At the least it must point to:


This setting is made for you when you source


However, may and should contain other locations such as an area that holds your own releases.

Is CMTPATH still going to be used as a universal environment variable with Gaudi?

Yes, but you should not need to ever set this by hand. Instead, CMT will set it for you when you "source setup.sh" by reading CMTPROJECTPATH.

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