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FAQ for GenTools

True or False: A algorithm for generating situation X that I want to analyze consists of a python script that calls various AlgTools and Services to generate events and put them in the TES.

Sort of.

The Python script is used to configure the job and eventually run some number of "events" through it. This job will, in general, consist of many algorithms, each doing some specific thing and assisted by some tools and some services.

I'm just trying to get an idea of what exactly it is that I will have to write to do some simulation and analysis.

What you must write depends on what you want to accomplish and what has already been made available by others.

If you want to run existing jobs but with different configurations you can restrict yourself to modifying Python scripts.

If you must access data in new ways you will likely write or modify an existing algorithm.

If you want to generate or otherwise produce new kind of data you may write algorithms and tools.

Is one benefit of Gaudi that I can choose what type of generator data to write to the TES based on which AlgTools I write into my algorithm, rather that just writing it ALL, like in G4dyb?


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