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General Help on this Wiki

Asking a question is supposed to be easy. Answering it requires an answer and following these instructions.

Fix the Question syntax

The question as listed on the Offline:FAQ may need some markup fixes.

Categorize the question

Move the question to the best fitting category, create new ones when needed

Turn the question into a link in the "FAQ:" namespace

Make sure the markup for the question looks like:

[[FAQ:The original question?]]

Caution: Do not modify existing links

If a question has already been turned into a link and is not red do not edit the question text as it will break the link to the existing answer page. If the text must be edited then make sure to "move" the existing answer to a name that matches the modified question.

Answer the Question

Click on the resulting link, make the page and start editing your answer. If an answer already exists, consider improving it.

Answer Conventions

Make sure the usual documentation templates are used. For FAQ answers the footer should use an additional argument:

...body of answer...

The conventions are described in Meta:Offline_Documentation.

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