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To access calibrated data, you should run the calibration algorithm on the data, followed by your analysis module:

% nuwa.py -A None -n -1 -m"CalibAlg" -m"YourAnalysisModule" daq.runXXXXX.data

This should automatically select the correct calibration table. If not, you can manually select the calibration table by inserting the following lines in your analysis modules 'configure()' function. This example loads an example Dry Run calibration table:

import DataSvc
DataSvc.Configure( pmtCalibDataPath="$DATASVCROOT/share/DryRun/pmtCalibTable.run1643.txt" )

The automatic selection feature of StaticCalibDataSvc

All pmt calib tables are summarized in dybgaudi/DataModel/DataSvc/share/Master.pmtCalibMap.txt They are indexed by context range (time range, site, detector, data or MC). Since it is automatic, user don't need any configuration for this service. As long as the context you are asking matches one of the table, it will provide the correct table.

This service takes a lazy loading approach. After finding a table for one request, next time it will try the same table again until the context of new query is out of range. Then it will load another table. This minimized the interaction with hard drive. So it is highly efficient in design.

The following is an example.

#  [StartRun] [EndRun] [Sites] [SimFlag] [StartTimeSec] [StartTimeNanoSec] [EndTimeSec]  [EndTimeNanoSec] [map file]
#    run range: Begin and end run number. Easy to read.
#    Sites could be a range too. Follow the convention of Conventions/Site.h
#    SimFlag: Conventions/SimFlag.h 0 unknown, 1 data, 2 MC.
#    StartTime: In Sec+NanoSec since BOT. The first trigger time.
#    EndTime: The same convention. The last trigger time "PLUS ONE NANO SECOND" to work with ContextRange.
#  DryRun Data
#     Start from Sat, 12 Jun 2010 05:34:31 UTC.  End at ???
0001227 9999999  32      1    1275716071 0     1300000000 0   DryRun/pmtCalibTable.run1643.txt

Note that "StartRun" and "EndRun" parameters are not functional.

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