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This page has general introduction to get ADC, TDC and part of trigger information in raw data: python

There are two ways to get full trigger information:

1. From ReadoutEvent:

 ReadoutHeader-->Readout-->ReadoutPmtCrate-->ReadoutTriggerDataPkg-->ReadoutTriggerDataFrame-->EsumComp or EsumADC

However, current RawDataIO doesn't fill these information so it could be empty right now.

2. From RawEvent:

   #include "Event/RawEventHeader.h"
   #include "Event/RawRom.h" 
   #include "Event/RawRomLtb.h"
   RawEventHeader* reh = get<RawEventHeader>(RawEventHeaderLocation::Default);
   if(reh == 0) {
     m_log << MSG::ERROR << "=======> Request Object can not be accessable." << endreq;
     return StatusCode::FAILURE;
   const vector<DayaBay::RawRom*>& modules = reh->modules();
   for(unsigned int i=0; i<modules.size(); i++) {
     switch(modules[i]->type()) {
       case 3: // RomLtb
           DayaBay::RawRomLtb* rawRomLtb;
           rawRomLtb = dynamic_cast<DayaBay::RawRomLtb*>(modules[i]);
           /// use the first LTB data frame
           const std::vector<DayaBay::RawLtbFrame*> & ltbFrame = rawRomLtb->frames();
           m_HSum = ltbFrame[0]->hsum();
           m_ESumComp = ltbFrame[0]->esumComp();
           m_ESumADC = ltbFrame[0]->esumADC();

The definition of ESumComp and ESumADC can be found in DYB-doc-3443-v7

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