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In MC data the trigger type is defined in Trigger.h

For example a trigger type of 6 is a Multiplicity trigger in AD1 corresponding to kMult | kAD1

With the changes in r9841 you can use the following python to understand trigger types

import GaudiPython as gp
Detector = gp.gbl.DayaBay.Detector #required
Trigger = gp.gbl.DayaBay.Trigger

print Trigger.AsString(18440)

which in this case will output

AD2 External ESumAll 

Real Data

The LTB trigger types are documented in Doc:3443

Additional documentation, in particular for the AD dry runs, is in Doc:5050 under Other Files: Instruction for DAQ run mode and trigger mode during dry run, and in this offline email thread

LTB trigger mode( and its name used in AD dry run list Doc:5050):
(1)Multiplicity: tagged with "NHit" or "NChannel"
(2)all_ESum: tagged with "totalESum" or "ESum"
(3)low_half_ESum: tagged with "LowESum"
(4)high_half_ESum: tagged with "HighESum"
(5)Periodic: tagged with "Period", which frequency is tagged with "PeriodFreq" set by DAQ
(6)Cross trigger In: during AD dry run, this mode was used for LED external trigger in to LTB, tagged with "CrossIn" or "External", which frequency is set by ACU software and tagged in the list by "ACULEDfrequency"

All the trigger modes can be used in "or" option to increase the trigger efficiency, which is tagged by "+" during AD dry run

Questions about trigger types

Email discussion between Raymond and Miao Aug 2011

  1. What are the definitions of kCalib and kManual?
  2. Are they related to kCross?
    • Current offline trigger definition follows online's. If you look at Doc #3443, Section 3.1, 3.3, 3.12, you may find the answers of 1 and 2.
  3. . What is kNone for? Triggered by nothing?
    • For kNone, .... it can be treated as an indication that the trigger type is not correctly set in offline code.

Or, if you want to select all triggers EXCEPT calib triggers, you can do this:

if kCalib & triggerType == kNone:
  #Do something
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