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anatomy of a data file name

  • Harry Themann's question

Here is an example


the wiki page https://wiki.bnl.gov/dayabay/index.php?title=Accessing_Data_in_a_Warehouse implies that there are

  1. runs -- third group in filename
  2. ids -- filename without extension
  3. fileSets-- defined in warehouse, the example produces no hits
  4. appl -- sixth group in filename

what about the other groups in the filename? would i ever want to search on those groups?

  • Simon Patton's answer:

The DAQ file naming convention is documented in section 4 of DocDB document#3442.

In the offline this has been extended to include 'd2r.' and 'recon.' as file prefixes, and we have our own list of applications.

  • Chao Zhang' answer:

For raw data:

daq.<tag name>.<run no.>.<stream type>.<stream name>.<application name>._<file no.>.data

Defined in DocDB document#3442

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