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This is quick write up of how you can run G4dyb within the DybGaudi framework. It assumes that the you have already installed DayaBay's software (See Offline Software Installation) and that you have set up the environmental variable SITEROOT to point to the appropriate directory.

The shell commands

The following are a set of shell commands that can be used to run the most basic version of G4Dyb using the DybGaudi framework. They assume that you are in the directory in which you wish to execute the code.

Initialize your environment

If your environment has not already been initialized using your .bashrc or something similar, the following commands do this for you now (this example is for release NuWa-0.0.4).

export DYBHOME=/common/dayabay/global
export NUWA_RELEASE=NuWa-0.0.5
. ${DYBHOME}/NuWa/external/CMT/v1r20p20070720/mgr/setup.sh
export CMTEXTRATAGS=dayabay
pushd ${DYBHOME}/NuWa/${NUWA_RELEASE}/gaudi/GaudiRelease/cmt
source setup.sh
pushd ${DYBHOME}/NuWa/${NUWA_RELEASE}/dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt
source setup.sh

Execute G4Dyb

Finally you can execute the python script that runs the most basic G4Dyb job possible.



The above files exist after NuWa-0.0.4, i.e. from NuWa-0.0.5 onwards.