Gaudi Learning Resources

This topic holds links to Gaudi documentation and other learning resources.



The Gaudi User Guide

This is somewhat out of date and biased towards LHCb, instead of plain Gaudi, but still very useful. It can be found here or via direct links to v9: HTML PDF PDF 2up.

In it are references to other documents:

Gaudi tutorial talks and web casts

  • Official tutorial talks are listed here.
  • Configuration related tutorial presentation from ATLAS are here. Some ATLAS code bias.
  • A web lecture archive of the ATHENA tutorial 2002.

Gaudi Publications

Gaudi Source Code

Dayabay related documentation

See the Gaudi category in the public and private wikis.

See the DocDB entry for the December 2007 software tutorial.

Some potentially useful DocDB entries:

  • doc-1791 How to (ab)use dybgaudi
  • doc-1788 Getting started with simulation in NuWa
  • doc-1729 GenTools, Generators in Gaudi

Other experiments specific



LHCb detector description. Main page is here some links are broken but correct ones can be found in the GUG. In particular:

BV's Geometry DocDBs

  • DocDB document#1579 DetDesc from Dec 2007 offline tutorial, basics about the DetDesc objects, XML, (obsolete) configuration.
  • DocDB document#1966 DetDesc and DetSim from April 2008 workshop at BNL. Updated version of above, includes real examples.

Dump DetDesc geometry

Conditions DB

GiGa / Sim



  • Atlas software & computing workshop where configurables are described [1]