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The individual channels' FEE thresholds are currently set in /dybgaudi/trunk/DataModel/DataSvc/share/feeDataTable.txt

The thresholds are defined in Volt; default is 0.0025 for all channels, which corresponds to a quarter p.e. with a 10 mV mean amplitude of a single p.e. pulse in the current setting. You can set your own table using DataSvc to test other thresholds.

The discriminator simulation using those threshold is implemented in /dybgaudi/trunk/Simulation/ElecSim/src/components/ line 433

If you want to quickly change the thresholds for all channels, you can do this via a configurable in your Python script:

import ElecSim
elecsim = ElecSim.Configure()
from ElecSim.ElecSimConf import EsIdealFeeTool
fee = EsIdealFeeTool()
# Factor to scale all channels' discriminator threshold
fee.DiscThreshScale = 2.

This will scale all channels' threshold by a factor of 2, which will get you a threshold of half a p.e. with the default setting of 0.0025

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