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Notes on creating a new 'collaboration meeting' event, or adding sessions or talks to an event in DocDB

Copied from db:HowtoUseDocDB on 12 Jan 10 by djaffe

Start at the main docdb page: 

Setting the sessions in an event

  1. click on events
  2. click on most recent collaboration meeting
  3. click on 'schedule similar' in upper right corner after adjusting the number of weeks
  4. fill descriptions, adjust start/end dates on 'Creat a New Event' page
  5. make sure that 'dayabay' is highlighted in 'viewable by' and 'modifiable by'
  6. The docdb 'Sessions' at the bottom of the page correspond to working group and plenary meetings. First schedule the sessions on this page then use 'modify session agenda' to set the agenda of each working group or plenary session.
  7. Blank sessions at the bottom of the 'Sessions' list can be modified to add a sesssion. The 'Order' (boxes on left side) can be given as a fraction if you wish to add a session between existing sessions. Example: 'Order'=2.5 will put the new session between 'Order=2' and 'Order=3'.
  8. Starting date, time, location can all be modified using the appropriate boxes on the right hand side. Note that one can change the start date, start time and/or location even after the session agenda has been set.
  9. To add more blank sessions and/or to register your latest changes, click on 'Modify Event and Sessions' at the top or bottom of the session list.
  10. At any time, you can click on 'Display the Event' to display the current session schedule. On the event page, you click on 'Modify Event' in the upper left corner to modify the event (add/delete sessions, for example)

Setting the agenda for a session

  1. Click on 'Modify session agenda' for appropriate sessoin on 'Event' page
  2. The order of the scheduled talks can be set in the same manner as the session ordering.
  3. Check 'confirm' to schedule a talk. Don't click 'Reserve' unless you have a pre-existing document and author for the talk. 'Break' is used to schedule time for coffee (and other) breaks.
  4. If the scheduled talk already exists with a document number in docdb then you can enter it under 'Doc.#', otherwise it can be left blank and filled later.
  5. There are two boxes for 'Talk title' (top box) and 'Note' (lower box). The 'Talk title' should be filled. The 'Note' is optional.
  6. The length of scheduled 'Time' for the talk in 5 minute intervals can be set.
  7. If the speaker is known, she/he can be chosen from the 'author hints' list, otherwise it can be left blank.
  8. If there are appropriate topics that you want to associate the talk with you can chose them in the final column.
  9. Click on 'Modify Session and Talks'. If you have made some mistake(s), there will be error message(s) at the top of the new page. If not, you will get a list of 'Action(s) taken'

Adding a presentation to a scheduled talk

  1. In the appropriate session, click on 'Edit' on the right hand side next to the appropriate talk.
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the 'Document #', check 'Confirm' if it is not already checked, and add the author. You can optionally add topics, change the title and/or the time scheduled for the talk.
  3. Click 'Change Agenda Information' when complete. The content of the pop-up window will change to list the 'Action(s) taken'.
  4. To update the agenda on the original page click 'Close Window and Reload'.


  1. To select multiple authors or topics, hold down the Ctrl key when you click. On a Mac, use the Apple key instead.
  2. All entries, times, titles, etc. can always be modified so don't worry about making mistakes, you can correct them.
  3. You can always click a highlighted link or read the instructions for help. The DocDB documentation is useful and extensive.
  4. Adding a URL Use "Customized Insert/Modify" to select "HTTP submission" upload method on the "Document Modifications"


Events, documents, etc. can only be deleted by an administrator.

You can make life easy for the administrator by re-titling your event, document, session, etc. with "DELETE ME PLEASE" to help the adminstrator avoid errant deletion.