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Important. Updated info on IHEP computing can be found at IHEP's wiki.

Getting an account

See this private wiki topic.

Disk Space and Data Storage

/home/dyb (home)

   - Group Quota: 750 GB
   - User Quota: 1 GB space
   - Home directory for individual files, code development, and
     small-scale, individual data analysis.


   - Group Quota: 400 GB space


   - Group Quota: 400 GB space

/dyb/dybd01, /dyb/dybd02,.../dyb/dybd05

   - Each has 2 TB space, totally 10 TB.

Computing resources for job submission

   - There are 15 computing nodes for Daya Bay Experiment: dyb001-dyb015, totally 30 due CPUs (Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.00 GHz). 
  • Create a job script file to run G4dyb, which should be a shell executable. Here is an example JobCommandFile.
  • To run N jobs in parallel, you will need to create and submit N such command files, which then contain calls to N mac files. I highly suggest you to do the following:
    • create a work directory, e.g. $HOME/work/dyb
    • Under your work directory, create directories macros/, commands/, and logs/.
    • Put the macro that you would like to run under your work directory. If your ROOT files are bulky, please consider using /dyb/dybd01, /dyb/dybd02, ... /dyb/dybd05 (use "/files/output" command in the macro). Here is an ExampleMacro.
    • Modify this PerlScript for your own needs, and put it also under your work directory.

-- Main.XinchunTian - 28 Oct 2008