Installing Optimized Software Build

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For production running it is best to use an optimized build. The usual instructions are slightly modified.

Building the software

Before running the usual dybinst command you must first set your CMTCONFIG variable to the optimized version. This is done by replacing the string -dbg at the end with -opt. For example, on 64 bit SLC5:

bash> export CMTCONFIG=x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt
bash> dybinst trunk all

Using an optimized build

Even when a release is built with optimization it will still be configured to setup your environment to the default -dbg build. Like with installation, before doing anything you must set your CMTCONFIG to the -opt version.

bash> export CMTCONFIG=x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt
bash> cd NuWa-trunk
bash> source
bash> echo $CMTCONFIG                      # test is correct value is set
bash> cd dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt
bash> source
bash> cmt show macro_value LCG_system      # test if correct value used

Making an installation optimized by default

You can make an installation area to be optimized by default (assuming the code is built as such, of course) by modifying:


to force the setting of host-optdbg. So, the file looks like:

package default
version v0
# Force -opt by default
use LCG_Settings v*
macro host-optdbg 'opt'
set CMTCONFIG ${host-cmtconfig}

Now, when the user does the "source" dance they will pick up the optimized build by default.

Interaction with 'debug' installation

See discussion in this thread: