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This topic collects information about our various meetings.

Some SeeVogh information

EVO is replaced by SeeVogh. Start here:

SeeVogh phone bridge info:

Reoccurring/ongoing meetings:

  • Open discussion
  Phone Bridge:
  Number: +1 626 395 2112 (Caltech),  +1 631 344 6100 (BNL)       
  Meeting ID: 387 8677  Pass: 3999
  • Sim/ana
  • Shift

Older EVO information


Connecting to ESNET through EVO

ESNET meetings use a passcode to connect and have a phone bridge that you can dial into. Some people use Skype to call that phone bridge but that can cost money and one does not get the video feeds. You can use EVO to connect for free and get video. To do so, follow these instructions.

  1. Register with EVO and click "Start EVO 2.0":
  2. In the "Koala" application that starts go to the menu "Koala->Call" and choose "H.323" (instead of SIP).
  3. Enter "" (MEETING_NUMBER@ as the meeting number. Enter security code followed by "#" if needed.
  4. If you are behind a firewall that blocks direct access (such as at BNL) you may have success after clicking "connect through Panda".