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FAQ = Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

FAQ about FAQ

  1. FAQ:What is the difference between FAQ and How Tos?
  2. FAQ:How to I add a question to the FAQ to get answered?
  3. FAQ:How do I answer a question in this FAQ?
  4. FAQ:How do I know when this FAQ list or a specific FAQ has been updated?


  1. FAQ:How do I install NuWa on my machine?
  2. FAQ:I don't want to install NuWa. How do I login to the IHEP, LBL or BNL cluster?
  3. FAQ:What version of NuWa should I install?
  4. FAQ:How do I load the installed software?
  5. FAQ:Where's the mini-dry run Raw Data?
  6. FAQ:Where's MDC Raw Data?
  7. FAQ:Is there a preferred development environment or operating system?
  8. FAQ:How do I build a single, specific external package?
  9. FAQ:How to add and configure a new MDC subdirectory?
  10. FAQ:How to Write / Modify a CMT Package with the Existing NuWa Installation?

Job Configuration

  1. FAQ:What is CMT?
  2. FAQ:Can I pass command-line options to an algorithm?
  3. FAQ:What is up with HostID?

Running Jobs

  1. FAQ:How do I use
  2. FAQ:Where is an example analysis script?
  3. FAQ:How do I make my own analysis script?
  4. FAQ:How to turn off long particle listing?


  1. FAQ:Where are the procedures to perform database operations?

Accessing Data

  1. FAQ:How do I know what are the available data objects?
  2. FAQ:What is the transient event store?
  3. FAQ:What is the archive event store and how do I access it?
  4. FAQ:How do I get trigger information?
  5. FAQ:How do I interpret trigger information?
  6. FAQ:How do I get ADC and TDC information?
  7. FAQ:What is the ADC pedestal, and how do I access it?
  8. FAQ:Why do I see an extra TDC/ADC hit after large PMT pulses?
  9. FAQ:How do I get calibrated data?
  10. FAQ:How do I get the position of each PMT?
  11. FAQ:How do I get the PMT connected to each FEE board/channel?
  12. FAQ:How do I get the board and connector information from a CalibReadoutPmtChannel object?
  13. FAQ:From Python or C++, how do I know the current execution cycle?
  14. FAQ:What are the 'AllStreams' raw data files?
  15. FAQ:How do I get SPE peaks for all PMTs?
  16. FAQ:How do I access raw data using something other than nuwa?
  17. FAQ:How do I specify which data (address in TES) are being stored in NuWa output ROOT file?
  18. FAQ:How do I access SimHeaders when using Sim15 output? Sometimes they are missing!
  19. FAQ:What is the difference between a run number and an execution cycle?
  20. FAQ:How do I access and use unobservable statistics, like qEx?
  21. FAQ:How do I access and use the particleHistory, in particular, pdgID of parents?
  22. FAQ:How do I access and pull out data in the AES?
  23. FAQ:What is the difference between pedestal, pre-ADC and baseline?
  24. FAQ:What do the fields in a data file mean?
  25. FAQ:How do I use the Catalog to access and analyze data?
  26. FAQ:How do I dump AES info?

Geometry and Detector Description

  1. FAQ:Are the global coordinates in NuWa documented anywere?
  2. FAQ:How do I find if a point is in a particular volume? or material?
  3. FAQ:What is a Detector Element?
  4. FAQ:What is the detector path for certain detector element?
  5. FAQ:Where are detector material properties defined?

Unit Testing / Nose Tests

Misc or uncategorized questions

  1. FAQ:How do I use gdb with nuwa?
  2. FAQ:How much memory is nuwa using?
  3. FAQ:How do I get the requested number of events (specified by -n) in my python script?
  4. FAQ:Where do I find a list of mini dry run runs?
  5. FAQ:Is the information about a data run, i.e. indended LED pulse rate, ACU#, etc. accessible in NuWa?
  6. FAQ:What is the difference between initialize() and configure() in a python script?
  7. FAQ:How to change/simplify the path in which histograms are stored within ROOT files?
  8. FAQ:How to use DybPythonAlg decorators?
  9. FAQ:How to write a Header Object to TES
  10. FAQ:When will the manual be complete?
  11. FAQ:What is the proper name of the power plants?

Older FAQ: namespace

There are some older FAQ topics that contain multiple FAQs per page:

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