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Write your requests for documentation here:

  • How do I get the mixed sample at IHEP that was shown at the Weihai workshop?


  • The "add-a-page-and-send-to-expert" approach will make wiki documentation become disorganized, filled with answers to specific questions, instead of a "bottom-up" approach which documentations usually take.
  • For new people, it would be nice to have a page listing all of the acronyms (SAB, ACU, etc) and what they mean. Acronyms
  • If nosetests are simple to write, why does everybody have to write it? Why don't the "experts" write them?
    • Everyone can use nosetests as a way of collecting command lines you wish to run, and communicating them with others.
      • eg if you find a problem you can write a test that captures it and use the test to communicate the problem to experts, the experts can then adopt your test and add it to the standardly run tests if they think it provides a useful test of some functionality. If the framework does not fulfil your expectations you can contribute a test and thus help it to start fulfilling your expectations, and through automation continue to do so.
  • What features do new student have to learn about NuWa, so that they can feel 'NuWa is not so big'? Any simple and good examples for new analysis in NuWa?
    • Here is the link in the wiki for tutorials (in the offline documentation section). As a new user, I went through the tutorials from Dec. 2008 and found all of them very helpful. They taught me a lot about using the software.
  • Comments/questions/requests for Daya Bay Warehouse
    • File sets requested by Dan
      • AD1 Dry Run
      • Mini-Dry Run
      • MDC results
    • File categories
      • all run
      • all runs with no error
      • mechanism for users to define new files sets
    • Searching the Daya Bay Warehouse should be faster
    • The warehouse should be available at IHEP
  • Formation of 'standard' ntuples
    • should only contain basic information common to all requests
    • specialized ntuples will be the providence of users
  • DST formation (<-- What is DST? See Acronyms)
    • Filtering of data
  • where is the webpage link for offline documentationBox? Offline_Documentation can we give a directly link on the main page? Yes. Main pages at IHEP, BNL and Trac.