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General Help on this Wiki

Offline Documentation Portal

This is the main offline software documentation "portal". It collects links to sub-portals to and other available documentation.

This Wiki

Offline Documentation organization

All offline software documentation topics should follow the conventions outlined in Meta:Offline_Documentation.

There are four "sub-portals" collecting documentation of a certain type. They are:


The FAQ portal and category collects frequently asked/answered questions. Check here to see if someone has already answered your questions.


The Howto portal and category collects recipes of how to do something with the offline software. Browse through them for ideas and examples and consider adding one of your own.


The Manuals portal and category collects formal manuals written by experts on or authors of some component of the offline. These should provide comprehensive descriptions on how to use the component.


The reference portal and category collects reference documentation on conventions. These topics capture the concensus of experts.


Every page can be in zero or more categories. You can browse through all the categories.


Use the "Special:Search" function on the left hand side of every page.

Anonymous Comment Box

Add your requests for documentation in the OfflineCommentBox.

Accessing data

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists that can provide help.

address: and archives
adress: and archives

Some things to know about the lists:

  • Please send questions to the list instead of individual experts. It is very likely that if you have a question someone else is interested in the answer as well.
  • All the experts are on both lists, so you only need to pick one send your question and don't worry about choosing the "wrong" one.
  • Do not worry about asking too many, too simple or "wrong" questions. The experts are happy to help.

NuWa code browser

The fabulous Agile Browser for NuWa programmers at PDSF and IHEP.

Command Line

There are various utilities and command line programs that provide help.


Comments made in the source are used by Doxygen to generate reference documentation. It also produces easy to browse source code.

Different sites have set up Doxygen. They differ in what features are offered and what top-level organization exists.

(First in list is more likely to be up-to-date than second, etc.)

  1. BNL Doxygen, browse
  2. NUU Doxygen and NTU proxy, browse.
  3. PDSF Doxygen, browse
  4. CalTech Doxygen, browse
  5. IIT Doxygen, browse, search


Trac is for bug/issue tracking but also has nice features for exploring the code. See the topic on trac for more info.

Besides software issues, Trac can be used to report problems with the documentation. See the open tickets attributed to dybgaudi//Documentation for things needing work.

Daily builds

  • List of successful daily builds.
  • The revision number is sufficient to build from scratch using dybinst.
  • Details on how successful daily builds are defined.


There have been a few tutorial sessions from past collaboration meetings.


There have also been offline software workshops. These are more design oriented than direct tutorials but may have useful background material.


Current Instructions

As the code changes the tutorial instructions may differ from the original talks in DocDB. These links should provide current instructions for the tutorials.

Tech Notes

There are many tech notes in DocDB that documents the design phase. Some useful ones are listed below, most recent first.

Other Daya Bay Software Links

  • Zai Nar? (Where is?) Page of links to Daya Bay stuff: where is? 在哪里

Other Reading

  • Physics Software Rant a must-read for developers of physics software by the one-time Debian packager of GEANT3/CERNLIB.
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